Adult allergy team


 Find out more about the adult allergy team.

  • Specialist registrars in allergy

    • Dr Leonard Siew
    • Dr Iason Thomas
    • Dr K L Ue
    • Dr Tim Watts
  • Nursing staff

    Andrew Williams

    Job title: advanced nurse practitioner in allergy

    Biography: Andrew has worked in the field of allergy for nearly 20 years. In the 1990s, he and some colleagues developed an allergy service from scratch in the east end of London, which is now an NHS England approved specialist service.

    He is an ex-council member of the British Society of Allergy & Clinical Allergy, Deputy Chair of the BSACI Nurses in Allergy Committee, sat on the NICE Drug Allergy Guideline committee and is a member of Allergy UK Heath Advisory Board. He is also active on educational Allergy Social Media, a patients advocate and nurse leader.

    Keyna Bintcliffe

    Kenya BintcliffeJob title: clinical nurse specialist

    Biography: Keyna joined the adult allergy team in October 2011, having worked in the Trust for three years - previously as a respiratory clinical nurse specialist at St Thomas’ and as respiratory practitioner with the COPD project. Keyna helped set up the specialist nurse led omalizumab clinic in 2015 for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticarial which is now the biggest in the country.

    Specialist interests: food allergy, venom immunotherapy and chronic spontaneous urticarial.

    Siobhan Gilkes

    Job title: specialist allergy nurse

    Siobhan joined the adult allergy team in summer 2015, having previously worked as a sister on a busy acute medical admissions unit. During her time there she looked after patients with asthma and allergic conditions. She now leads on adult immunotherapy ensuring safety and the best experience for patients undergoing treatment. She also has a specialist interest in drug/food allergy and runs the nurse-led challenge clinic on a Thursday morning.

    Nuevalynne "Leah" Prado

    Nuevalynne 'Leah' PradoJob title: senior nursing assistant

    Biography: Leah was a staff nurse in the Philippines for three years, and in Saudi Arabia for six years. She has healthcare assistant experience in COPD and the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory in the UK.


    Charlotte Clifford-Brown

    Job title: staff nurse

    Biebelle Dosunmu

    Job title: staff nurse

    Elizabeth Gordon

    Job title: healthcare assistant 

  • Pharmacist

    • Clare Szlumper, specialist pharmacist
  • Dietitian

    Hannah Hunter

    Job title: specialist allergy dietitian

    Biography: Hannah is a registered dietician with extensive knowledge and experience of allergy and other food hypersensitivity. She is involved in international research and has a special interest in Eosinophilic Oesophagitis (EoE) and Lipid Transfer Protein Allergy.

Administrative staff

  • Yasmin Stinchcombe, service manager allergy, tel 020 7188 7188 ext 56422
  • Belinda Buckthorpe, assistant service manager allergy, tel 020 7188 7188 ext 53806
  • Cheyral Clarke, challenge and immunotherapy administrator, tel 020 7188 5843
  • Corine Buchanan, allergy secretary, tel 020 7188 7263
  • Hayley Sargent, allergy medical secretary/administrator, tel 020 7188 5846
  • Yasmin Afrah, allergy administrator, tel 020 7188 5833
  • Esther Bolaji, allergy administrator, tel 020 7188 5833