Genetics team

Diagnosing and assessing the risk of inheriting a genetic condition

Head of service: Dr Deborah Ruddy

Deputy head of service general: Dr Muriel Holder 

Deputy head of service cancer: Dr Anjana Kulkarni

  • Specialist registrars

    All clinical genetic specialist registrars are doctors who have undertaken several years of postgraduate training in general medicine or paediatrics and have completed their membership examinations (MRCP or MRCPCH).

    • Dr Tazeen Ashraf – away on placement
    • Dr Kimberley Bradbury – away on placement
    • Dr Helena Carley – on maternity leave
    • Dr Harriet Cullen
    • Dr Alexander Deng
    • Dr Rachel L Jones
  • Consultant clinical scientist

    • Gail Norbury – commissioning and governance director for genetics laboratories
  • Cardiac team

    • Ms Tootie Bueser – lead cardiac genetic nurse
    • Mr Colin Evans – cardiac genetic nurse
    • Ms Laura Monje-Garcia – cardiac genetic nurse
    • Ms Soraya Nuthoo – cardiac genetic nurse
    • Ms Alison Walton – cardiac genetic nurse

    See a list of  colleagues based outside clinical genetics inherited cardiac conditions.

  • Cancer risk assessment service

  • Research team

    • Cherylin Reinholtz – senior research nurse
    • Katherine Hilario – genetics research coordinator
    • Isabelle Jendrulek – senior research nurse (maternity leave)
    • Merrie Manalo – genetics research practitioner

    For further information see the GEL Research team.

  • Service managers

    • Chris Lynch – service manager
    • Darren Ash – deputy service manager
    • Heena Vaghani – deputy service manager