Lane Fox Respiratory Unit

25 years of delivering chronic respiratory care

Lane fox patient with consultantLane Fox Weaning, Rehabilitation and Home Mechanical Ventilation Service

Lane Fox Respiratory Service is a specialist commissioned respiratory service to support both the acute and long-term management of patients with sleep disordered breathing, chronic respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension.  Currently, there are approximately 2000 patients managed in the Lane Fox Respiratory Service compared with 12,500 patients managed across 13 centres throughout NHSE.  With 34 beds and a purpose built outpatient facility, Lane Fox is the largest weaning, rehabilitation and home ventilation service in the UK with a South East HMV network being developed to facilitate ease of access for all patients with chronic respiratory failure. 

We provide inpatient care for those failing to 'wean' from invasive ventilation following critical illness.

We also investigate chronic respiratory failure resulting from a variety of causes such as:

  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • neuromuscular disease (for example Duchenne muscular dystrophy and motor neuron disease)
  • chest wall disease (for example scoliosis)
  • chronic respiratory failure related to obesity
  • motor neurone disease (MND).

We are unique in the UK as we provide a 24-hour medical, nursing and technical back up service for assisting patients who are experiencing difficulty with their ventilatory equipment, especially in the home environment.

The unit provides a comprehensive service for those suffering from the late consequences of poliomyelitis including a post polio rehabilitation service.

The goal is to provide a network of fully integrated technical, medical, nursing and therapy teams that delivers clinical, research and educational excellence to support the patients and provide the highest quality specialist multidisciplinary care. 

This clinical-academic service incorporates weaning, rehabilitation and home mechanical ventilation as part of the complex home ventilation programme and delivers a coordinated pathway from inpatient to long-term outpatient management. 

The research service is housed in the Lane Fox Clinical Respiratory Physiology Centre, part of the Kings College London School of Basic and Biomedical Sciences, and the translational science programme is focussed on three themes of admission prevention in COPD, prevention of skeletal muscle wasting during critical illness and clinical trials to improve long term outcome in patients with sleep disordered breathing and chronic respiratory failure.  The Lane Fox Respiratory Service ensures life-long support for patient.

Partnership with REMEO

The Unit has joined with REMEO Ltd, a subsidiary of BOC, to develop a 20-bedded weaning unit that opened on the East Surrey Hospital site in 2014. This novel public-private partnership will allow clinical care to be delivered to more patients with chronic respiratory failure under the care of our consultant team.

Clinical research

Research underpins our activities and informs our patient, carer and staff educational programmes.

We have an active research programme lead by Dr Nicholas Hart and Dr Joerg Steier.

Our research is focused on improving quality of life in patients with chronic respiratory disease and is focused on two areas:

  1. advanced physiological monitoring and ventilatory strategies in sleep and chronic respiratory failure
  2. muscle wasting, weakness and rehabilitation.

We have a PhD research programme with support provided by our clinical trials co-ordinator.