We provide a range of endoscopic procedures for diagnosis and treatment.

Most involve having a thin tube with a tiny camera on the end passed through a natural opening in your body. This could be your nose, mouth or bottom.

The camera sends images to a screen so we can get a close look at the inside of your body.

You may have a tissue sample (biopsy) taken for analysis at a laboratory.

Most endoscopic procedures take place in our unit at St Thomas' Hospital using modern techniques and technology.

We also do some procedures in the day surgery unit at Guy's Hospital.

We see people as part of their care for different conditions, including: 

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Research and clinical trials

Research is vital to improving the care that you receive when you're unwell. You can help improve healthcare by taking part in research studies at our Trust. During your appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research. They'll be happy to tell you about research studies you could be eligible to join.

Last updated: January 2024

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Endoscopy, 1st floor, North Wing, St Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7EH

Day surgery and endoscopy, 2nd floor, Tower Wing, Guy's Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT

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