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Physiotherapy patient information leaflets

Minimising the effects of physical injuries and strengthening muscles


This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Many patient leaflets are tailored to your individual needs and management programme. However, a list of more general leaflets that may be useful to you is provided below.

Exercise class information

Information for people who have had physiotherapy and have decided to attend exercise classes about the benefits and what to expect.

Exercises and advice for patients recovering from head and neck surgery

This leaflet provides exercises and advice for patients who have had surgery for conditions affecting their mouth, jaw, face and/or neck.

Exercising during dialysis

This leaflet explains more about how exercising can help you when you are on dialysis.

Falls prevention and awareness

This leaflet explains the causes of falls and gives advice to stop you having falls in the future.

General advice following a shoulder fracture

This leaflet gives physiotherapy advice for exercises following a shoulder fracture.

General advice following a wrist fracture

This leaflet will give you information about exercises and care of your wrist once you leave hospital.

General advice following an ankle fracture

This leaflet will give you advice and basic exercises to do following an ankle fracture.

Getting in and out of the bath

This leaflet offers information to guide you getting in and out of the bath.

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

This leaflet provides information on what GTPS is and how it can be managed.

Harrison Wing exercise programme

This leaflet explains more about the Harrison Wing 10-week exercise programme designed to keep patients fit and healthy.
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