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Information for patients about student dental care

Providing specialist dental care and training

Undergraduate treatment

Information about our free dental care scheme by undergraduate students is below. The waiting list for dental care by undergraduate students is currently open. 

  • Can I have treatment?

    If you would like free dental treatment by students-in-training, you:

    • must book an appointment during term times, Monday to Thursday beginning at 9.30am or 1.30pm and Fridays 9.30am or 2pm. Each appointment is likely to take 3 to 4 hours and you may require multiple appointments

    • must be able to come to all your appointments. If you are unable to come to an appointment, an alternative date may not be offered as students have a limited time to complete their treatments
    • if you meet these criteria, you will be given an initial appointment for an examination. This will assess whether you can be treated by students. It is not a consultation for treatment options.

    If you are suitable you will have your treatment planned and will be allocated to a student.

    If your dental needs are not suitable for student treatment, you will need to find a local NHS dentist. Find a local NHS dentist near you.

  • Types of treatments students can provide

    You may be eligible for treatment if you need:

    • routine fillings
    • simple gum treatment
    • limited crowns
    • dentures
    • root canal fillings.

    This service is not suitable if you need multiple crowns and  bridges, dental implants, treatment for complex gum problems or re-treatment of root fillings.

  • Is treatment by a student different?

    Students work slowly so your appointment will take longer and you may need several appointments. However, all students' work is checked at relevant stages, so you can be sure that you are receiving a good standard of care.

Acute dental care

The adult Acute Dental Centre walk-in clinic is located on the 23rd floor, Tower Wing, Guy’s Hospital and opens at 7.45am, Monday - Friday. This clinic is for urgent dental care only and will close once at full capacity, which is usuallybefore 9.00am.   Alternatively you can call the Acute Dental Centre on 020 7188 1810 to check availability, however you will be unable to book. If we have been unable to see you and it is urgent, please call NHS 111.

The orthodontic emergency walk-in clinic is located in the postgraduate centre on the 22nd floor, Tower Wing, Guy’s Hospital and is open between 9am-11am Monday-Friday. This clinic is only available for patients who have had their appliance fitted at Guy’s Dental Hospital.

The children's dental emergency walk-in clinic is located in the Dental Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital and is open between 9am-11am Monday-Friday.