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Upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgical unit


Coronavirus: upper gastrointestinal service update

Due to increased demand on the hospital due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are having to make significant changes to our services which may require cancellation of appointments.


We are attempting to contact all patients with a future scheduled appointment. In some cases we are changing appointments to a telephone consultation, and in certain circumstances, a video appointment. Some appointments may be cancelled without a future date being arranged at this stage. If we cancel your appointment you will remain on our waiting list and we will contact you in due course. Some patients may be discharged back to their GP and we will write to you if this is the case.

If you have not heard from us within three days of your scheduled appointment please contact us by email If you are unable to use email or your query is urgent, please call the following number 020 7188 8875. Our phone lines are very busy and there may be a wait for your call to be answered.

If you are an existing patient who has previously been seen in our service and need advice from the clinical team please see below for the appropriate option:


Telephone 020 7188 8875

  • If you don’t have access to email or our website
  • If you leave a message on this number it may be a few days before we are able to respond to your query.

Please click on the following link for a list of FAQ’s. If your query is not covered in the FAQ please either email or call us as detailed above.


Advice and guidance

We are doing everything we can to support GPs and your patients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Therefore, prior to any referral, we would strongly advise that GPs to seek advice and guidance via e-RS or Consultant Connect (if it is available in your area). Please note that all of our services available on e-RS are set up for advice requests. You can call our emergency general surgery hotline on 07826922963 to speak to our flow coordinator. Our coordinator will be able to direct your call and if you require further information they can submit your request for triage.

Please note this line is operational between Monday to Friday, 7:30am-8pm.

This will enable the clinical team to review your request and provide an interim treatment plan for ongoing management of a patient. They can also advise/provide clarification regarding a patient's test results.

The GP can attach documents to the e-RS advice request, which may include diagnostic results, scanned images (e.g. ECGs). Providers can also respond with attachments.

e-RS referrals

If you feel that a referral is absolutely necessary, please refer via e-RS and use the “defer to provider” functionality for urgent/two-week wait (2ww) referrals. Please attach the referral letter at the point of referral/within 24 hours. For 2ww referrals, please ensure that the patient meets the criteria ahead of referring. Please do not refer urgent patients under 2ww as this will overwhelm the service.

We will vet the referral and either book into a virtual appointment or add the patient to the waiting list if they need a face to face appointment.

Please do not defer to provider routine referrals. Send the appointment request to the patient so they can do this when they are ready to book.

Please consider this before making any referral as our capacity to see new patients is very limited.

For any training issues/technical assistance with e-RS/smartcards, please contact your local commissioning support unit (CSU) or registration authority helpdesk.

Consultant Connect

For south east London GPs, your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has commissioned the Consultant Connect service so you can also use this to seek advice. We are in the process of expanding our Consultant Connect lines – these will be available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and the communication will come via your local CCG bulletins. Please share this information within your practice.

See the frequently asked questions we are receiving from our patients.

Our service

Our upper GI surgical unit provides surgical services for conditions of the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, pancreas and gallbladder. These include cancers, gastro-oesophageal reflux, gallstones, obesity and pancreatitis.

Our unit is the south east regional unit for upper gastro-oesophagealsurgery and specialises in all aspects of upper gastrointestinal disease. We perform surgery for cancer of the oesophagus and stomach as well as a wide range of other conditions. We also perform many laparoscopic procedures and have an oesophageal physiology laboratory.


  • 9.30am - 12 noon, Tuesday (alternate weeks), St Thomas’ (Mr A Botha)
  • 9.30am - 1pm, Wednesday, St Thomas' (Prof R Mason, Mr Gossage, Mr Davies)
  • 3.30pm - 5pm, Wednesday pancreatic clinic, King's College Hospital (Mr S Atkinson)
  • 1.30pm - 5pm, Thursday, St Thomas' (Prof R Mason, Mr Gossage, Mr Davies)
  • 9.30am - 12.30pm, Friday, St Thomas’ (Mr S Atkinson)
  • 9.30am - 12 noon, Friday, St Thomas’ (Mr A Botha)


Please visit the main Trust coronavirus (COVID-19) page for more information.