Trauma and orthopaedic services

From fractures to complex surgery 

We are one of London's leading orthopaedic departments, with a wide range of specialist services, and are a member of the Specialist Orthopaedic Alliance. We treat patients from the hospital’s catchment area of Southwark and Lambeth, as well as patients referred to us from across south east London, Kent and Sussex. We have specialist interests in:

  • hip and knee replacements, including complex and revision jointKnee being bandaged replacements
  • knee ligament reconstruction, including isolated anterior cruciate (ACL) reconstruction and multiple ligament injury
  • surgery for young adult hip disorders, including hip arthroscopy and major pelvic osteotomy
  • spinal surgery, including cervical spine (neck) surgery, and the treatment of metastatic disease and infection of the spine
  • foot and ankle surgery, including ankle replacements, ankle arthroscopy and joint fusions in the foot and ankle
  • shoulder and elbow surgery, including shoulder and elbow replacements and revision joint replacements, and shoulder and elbow arthroscopic techniques
  • hand and wrist surgery, including wrist arthroscopy, hand and wrist joint replacements/fusions, scaphoid non union surgery, tendon transfers and rheumatoid hand surgery
  • fractures and acute musculoskeletal injury, including the treatment of patients with pathological fractures of the long bones.

News from our team

Read the latest news from the trauma and orthopaedic services.

  • Orthopaedics Centre of Excellence

    The Trust is pleased to announce a partnership with Johnson and Johnson that will enable the development of a new Orthopaedics Centre of Excellence at Guy’s Hospital.

  • Joint replacement surgery for patients with base of thumb osteoarthritis

    Mr Gidwani, consultant orthopaedic hand surgeon at Guy’s Hospital, now offers younger patients with base of thumb arthritis a new treatment option: a Maia thumb joint replacement.

    Having learnt the Maia technique from the two leading proponents in the UK, Mr Gidwani can now offer this procedure to patients from Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth. As it is a relatively new technique, the directorate governance team have been involved, and patient outcomes are being carefully monitored.

    The main potential advantages of a joint replacement are a quicker recovery, more natural thumb motion and function, and avoidance of the risk of painful impingement of the thumb metacarpal on the scaphoid. The main disadvantages include a risk of dislocation of the prosthesis, and eventual loosening of the implants. If the replacement fails, the option of a trapeziectomy is still possible.

    To refer patients to be considered for this technique, please send a named referral to Mr Sam Gidwani via the NHS e-Referral service.



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