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Endoscopy team

 Information about our staff

Below is a list of staff you might meet when you come for your appointment.


  • Dr Giovanni Tritto, consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist, lead of gastroenterology department
  • Dr Jeremy Sanderson, lower GI/ IBD, interventional endoscopy, clinical director
  • Dr Simon Anderson, IBD, small bowel, capsule endoscopy
  • Dr Phil Berry, consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist
  • Dr Sabina De Martino, interventional endoscopy, EUS
  • Dr Jason Dunn, upper GI
  • Dr Peter Irving, lower GI, IBD
  • Dr Ioannis Koumoutsos, IBD, EUS
  • Dr Joel Mawdsley, lower GI, IBD
  • Dr Michelle McCarthy, nutrition
  • Dr John Meenan, interventional endoscopy, EUS
  • Dr Ikram Nasr, nutrition, coeliac disease, EUS
  • Dr Jude Oben, hepatology, obesity
  • Dr Shuvra Ray, consultant gastroenterologist

  • Dr Terry Wong, upper GI physiology, hepatology, hepatobiliary
  • Dr Sebastian Zeki, upper GI, upper GI physiology

Nursing staff

  • Catherine Bilbrough, matron
  • Dean-Martin Borrow, capsule practitioner
  • Rosemary Haddou, endoscopy sister
  • Edna Mangsat, nurse endoscopist

  • Sara Santos, nurse endoscopist

  • Harriet Watson, colorectal nurse consultant

Other staff

  • Jonathan Davidson, endoscopy administration lead
  • Matt Jones, assistant service manager



Endoscopy booking team

Tel: 020 7188 8887

Email: EndoscopyAdmissions