Kidney patient leaflets and support


This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Antibody incompatible kidney transplantation from a deceased donor

This leaflet explains more about antibody incompatible renal transplantation from a deceased donor. It will tell you why you were offered it, the benefits, risks and alternative treatments. It will give you an overview of the process form being referred to our clinic to follow-up after your kidney transplant.

Aston Key Ward - Welcome

This information sheet provides provides information specific to Aston Key Ward, including meal times.

AVF - Having an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) formed

This leaflet explains more about having an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) formed, including the benefits, risks and any alternatives, and what you can expect when you come to hospital. It also includes important information on how to care for your AVF at home.

Blood Group Incompatible Transplantation

A patient information leaflet on blood group incompatible kidney transplantation

Dialysis - A guide to peritoneal dialysis

This booklet is for people who have chosen peritoneal dialysis as a treatment option. It explains the different types of peritoneal dialysis, how they work and how you can fit the treatment into your lifestyle

Dialysis - Choosing to stop dialysis

This leaflet is for kidney patients receiving long term dialysis who are considering discontinuing their dialysis treatment.

Dialysis - Welcome to our dialysis units

Gives information about the care you can expect on our dialysis units and answers some frequently asked questions

Dialysis - Your inpatient dialysis

This leaflet is for kidney patients and explains more about how your dialysis will be managed while you are an inpatient at Guy's or St Thomas' hospitals.

Dialysis away from base

This information is for Guy's and St Thomas' kidney patients who wish to have dialysis treatment away from their base unit or any other dialysis centre managed by Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Diet and lifestyle advice for the prevention of kidney stones

In this diet sheet we will give you general dietary advice to help prevent the formation of all types of kidney stones. This will be followed by advice specific to the most common stones: calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate and uric acid. Your doctor will discuss with you the type of stone that you have or, if it is not known, the most likely type. Most of the advice is applicable to all types of kidney stone.
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