Clinics and services

Looking after patients aged 65 years and above

Our specialist clinics are held at the older persons assessment unit at Guy's Hospital, apart from the syncope clinic which is at St Thomas'. We also have daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for patients at the unit.

Clinic types

All clinics are by appointment only. Open the tabs below to find out more about each clinic.

  • Bladder and bowel clinic 

    • held weekly on Tuesday mornings
    • tel: 020 7188 2093 

    At the bladder and bowel clinic, we assess and treat patients aged 65 and above for:

    • bladder or bowel incontinence
    • constipation
    • urinary tract infections
    • catheter-related problems
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment clinic

    • held weekly on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and on alternate Wednesday mornings
    • tel: 020 7188 2093 

    A wide range of specialist staff attend this clinic, such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and other health professionals as appropriate.

    This clinic assesses older people with recent deterioration in function, who are not already known to a geriatrician (consultant who specialises in elderly care).

    Patients may be referred to this clinic if they:

    • are aged 65 and over
    • are living in Lambeth, Southwark or Westminster
    • have complex long term or multiple medical conditions
    • are experiencing a decline in activities of daily living due to chronic underlying illnesses.
  • Delirium clinic

    • held weekly on Monday mornings 
  • Dietitian 

    • held weekly on Tuesday afternoons 
  • Falls and bone health clinics

    Falls clinic:

    • held weekly on Tuesday mornings
    • tel: 020 7188 2093

    This clinic provides a multi disciplinary assessment for patients aged 65  and above who have fallen or who are at high risk of falls. We also accept patients under 65 where it's felt we can best address their needs.

    Falls and bone health clinic:

    • held weekly on Thursday afternoons
    • tel: 020 7188 2093

    The clinic sees patients aged 50 and over (or younger if there is a clinical need) who have:

    • a current or previous low impact fracture
    • a history of falls and osteoporosis risk factors.
  • Heart failure clinic

    • nurse-led clinics held weekly on Fridays, consultant-led clinics held alternate Fridays
    • tel: 020 7188 2093

    This clinic aims to:

    • provide rapid response heart failure services for older people
    • help patients develop a management plan for their condition
    • provide patient education.
  • Memory clinic 

    • held weekly on Wednesday mornings
    • tel: 020 7188 2093 

    The Southwark and Lambeth Memory Clinic at the Older Person's Assessment Unit at Guy's Hospital accepts referrals to see any case with memory problems where there is no clear cause know.

    The service is available to all ages although memory issues typically emerge in older people.

    We offer a thorough assessment and advice, support and signposting for patients and carers. We also hold patient and carer support meetings.

  • Occupational therapy 

    • daily service
    • tel: 020 7188 4190

    The occupational therapy service provides assessment and treatment for older people who are struggling to live independently. It can involve:

    • an assessment of patients at home
    • management of dementia including carer support
    • provision of aids and adaptations
    • help with preventing falls
    • anxiety management.
  • Physiotherapy

    • daily service

    The physiotherapy service at the older persons assessment unit provides assessments and treatment plans for older outpatients with complex or multiple health conditions.

    We aim to minimise the effects of any physical injuries or impairments, help patients to strengthen their muscles, increase flexibility and improve balance.

    We also offer a twice weekly strength and balance group for patients to attend for up to eight weeks and provide education about preventing falls and how to cope with a fall. We encourage patients to continue strength and balance training in community exercise groups.

  • Proactive care of older people undergoing surgery (POPS)

    • held weekly on Mondays (all day) and Thursday mornings and daily on surgical ward rounds.
    See the POPS section for more information about this service.
  • Syncope clinic

    •  held weekly, 10th floor, North Wing, St Thomas' Hospital