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POPS service

Perioperative medicine for older people undergoing surgery

Coronavirus: POPS update

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Perioperative medicine for the older people undergoing surgery (POPS) is an award winning service and the first of its kind in the UK. After starting in 2003 it has rapidly become an essential part of both the elective and emergency surgical pathways. It is recognised locally and nationally as being of high quality, innovative and clinically effective.

We are a multidisciplinary specialised clinic for patients with complex medical problems undergoing elective and emergency surgery. Preoperatively we assess patients and treat any medical, functional, psychological and social issues, with the aim of reducing postoperative problems and ensuring a safe and effective discharge from the hospital. POPS are involved throughout the patient admission, working closely with the surgeon, anaesthetist and ward teams.

Our service

Our team includes specialist doctors, nurses, therapists and support staff.  Each member of the team can help in different ways and the support you receive will depend on your individual needs, for example: 

  • Our consultant or specialist nurse may perform a full medical and nursing assessment
  • Our occupational therapist can give advice on aids and strategies to maximise your independence
  • The POPS team can speak to social services on your behalf and give you advice on any benefits/grants that you may be entitled to, as well as information on relevant community and voluntary resources.



Tel: 020 7188 2092