Dermatology patient leaflets


This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Biopsy - Having a skin biopsy

This leaflet explains what a skin biopsy is and the benefits, risks and alternatives of this procedure.

Cyclophosphamide in autoimmune blistering disease

This leaflet explains more about having treatment with the medicine cyclophosphamide for an autoimmune blistering disease. It includes information about the benefits, risks and alternatives.

Dermatology (Bermondsey) Reception - Welcome

This leaflet explains more about attending your appointment at the new Dermatology (Bermondsey) reception, Guy's Hospital.

Dermatology Day Care - Admission information

This information sheet provides information about your visit to the Dermatology Day Centre, including what the Centre is and what you can expect during your visit.

Dermatology day care - Nurse led care

This information sheet aims to help answer some of the questions you may have about your visit to the dermatology day care services.

Dermatology psychotherapy service

This leaflet offers more information about the dermatology department's psychotherapy service, including what it is, who runs it and how it can help.

Eczema education programme

This leaflet provides information about the Guy's and St Thomas' eczema education programme which provides education, guidance and improves confidence in treating eczema.


This leaflet aims to answer your questions about emollient treatment and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply your emollient.

Epidermolysis bullosa - pregnancy and childbirth

This leaflet provides a general guide to some of the key things you are likely to encounter and questions you may have during your pregnancy.

Forehead flap reconstruction

This leaflet explains more about forehead flap reconstruction to repair a wound on your nose. It explains the benefits, risks, any alternatives to the procedure and what you can expect when you come to hospital.
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