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Eczema research

Eczema research

We have a comprehensive research programme led by the Skin Therapy Research Unit (part of the genetics and molecular medicine division at King’s College London). Our work includes clinical trials and research studies assessing new treatments in eczema.

How can I get involved in research?

Email us at

You may be interested in taking part in one of our research projects or clinical trials. You can find details below about the projects we are currently recruiting to.

  • Research studies

    Eczema genetics – a research study for patients with eczema

    Eczema Genetics is a research study looking at the genetic causes of eczema. Participants provide a blood sample and clinical information about their disease during a clinic visit.

    EUROSTAD – a register for patients with eczema (European Prospective Observational Study in Patients Eligible for Systemic Immunosuppressive Therapy for Atopic Dermatitis)

    EUROSTAD is a register for patients with eczema who are being treated in clinic with a drug therapy. Participants provide information at their clinic visits relating to disease and treatment history, complete health questionnaires, and are followed up every three months up to three years.

  • Clinical trials

    ALPHA – a clinical trial for patients with hand eczema
    (Alitretinoin versus PUVA in severe chronic Hand eczema)

    ALPHA is a trial comparing alitretinoin (a vitamin A based drug) with UV light therapy in the treatment of hand eczema.

    We also have a number of other clinical trials going on in the department. We often work with drug companies to test new treatments for eczema to make sure they are safe and effective before being licensed in the NHS. Your doctor will talk to you about the current trials if they think you might be suitable.

  • Team

    Prof Catherine Smith

    Dr Andrew Pink

    Aisling Clery, research nurse

    John Gregory, research nurse

    Louise Griffiths, research nurse

    Emmanuel Toni, research nurse

    Freya Meynell, Clinical Trials Practitioner (CTP)

    Linda Reid-Amoruso, Clinical Trials Practitioner (CTP)

    Daniel Page, Study Coordinator

    Arshiya Merchant, Study Coordinator

    Any member of the team can be contacted on or 07717 697 435.







There are a number of studies currently open actively looking for recruits.

For more information about our trials or if you are interested in taking part, please email dermatologytrials@


I would definitely recommend taking part in research… new treatments need patient involvement and I wanted to help others in the future

Jane Johnston a participant in one of our clinical trials