Your visit to the urticaria clinic


Clinic location

Clinic information

The urticaria clinic is held on Thursdays at the location at the top of this page.

How do I get an appointment?

Patients are most commonly referred from dermatology services (adult and children's) within Guy's and St Thomas'. Patients can also be referred from elsewhere in the UK where this specialist service or expertise is not provided locally.

  • Cancelling or changing your appointment 

    To cancel a new appointment, please telephone 020 7188 8884 (select option 2 for a follow up appointment or option 3 for a new appointment).

  • Before your appointment 

    If you are able to, you should stop taking any antihistamines for two days before the appointment. If possible, please bring with you all medicines that you have been taking or prescribed.

  • What to expect at your appointment 

    You will usually only come to this clinic once. The doctor will take a thorough medical history and will carry out any necessary investigations. These may include blood tests and skin prick tests. The effects of physical stimuli applied to the skin, such as pressure and cold, may also be assessed.

  • After your appointment 

    Following your visit, a letter will be sent to the doctor who referred you. You and your GP will also receive a copy. We will give you a diagnosis and will suggest a course of action.

    Follow-up, if required, will normally be with the referring doctor.