Dermatology referrals

Diagnosing and treating skin diseases

Referral address

St John's Institute of Dermatology
Counting House, 1st floor
Guy’s Hospital
Great Maze Road
London SE1 9RT


St John’s Institute of Dermatology is a regional, national and international centre of excellence for the treatment, study, teaching and prevention of skin disease. 

We are the largest clinical dermatology department in the UK with clinical activities at both hospitals, offering a comprehensive dermatology service. 

  • General dermatology referrals

    All GP referrals must be submitted using the NHS e-Referral service (formerly Choose and Book).

    Referrals sent to the mailbox or by post from GPs will not be processed.

    Tertiary referrals can be emailed to:

    We aim to see urgent referrals within four weeks, and routine referrals within 11 weeks.  

    Referrals from other hospitals must include a completed Inter-Provider Minimum Data Set or ensure that one is sent within 48 hours of referring a patient.

  • Suspected skin cancer referrals

    See the skin cancer referrals page.

  • Emergency referrals

    If you need advice, an emergency patient review or to arrange an admission, please telephone the hospital switchboard on 020 7188 7188 and ask to speak to the on-call specialist registrar in dermatology. 

    This service is available 8.30am - 9pm, Monday - Friday and 9pm - 1pm, Saturday and Sunday.   

  • Specialist dermatology referrals

    Referral to our specialist services can be made via letter to a specific named doctor or the department.

  • Sending samples to our specialist laboratories for analysis

    Below are the contact details for each laboratory service.  Each link will take you to information about a specific laboratory. 

    It is recommended that anyone wishing to submit a specimen for diagnostic tests should contact the relevant laboratory before sending.


    Tel:  020 7188 6364 
    Fax:  020 7188 6259 

    Epidermolysis bullosa (EB)

    Tel:  020 7188 7229
    Fax:  020 7188 7233 

    Skin tumour unit 

    Tel: 0207 188 6253 
    Fax:  0207 188 7209


    Tel: 020 7188 6262
    Fax: 020 7188 6283


    Tel: 020 7188 6400 
    Fax: 020 7188 6258