Audiology patient information leaflets

Offering specialist treatment for problems affecting hearing and balance

This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Hearing Therapy Service

This leaflet contains information about the Hearing Therapy Service, which covers tinnitus, hyperacusis and other associated hearing concerns.

Ear surgery post-operative information

This leaflet explains more about your ear operation, including what to expect afterwards and how to recover while at home.

Hearing Implant Centre - Rehabilitation pack for adult cochlear implant users

A rehabilitation pack designed to help you make full use of your device for listening to speech and sounds around you.

Hearing Implant Centre - Rehabilitation support

This leaflet explains about the rehabilitation (rehab) team at the Hearing Implant Centre: Implant Centre teachers of the deaf; Implant Centre speech and language therapists; and Implant Centre psychologists.

Otitis externa

Patient information leaflet about the ear condition otitis externa, also known as swimmer's ear.

Balance clinic - Essential information

This leaflet aims to answer your questions about your appointment in the balance clinic.
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