The @home service

Bringing hospital care to your home

The @home service provides a range of services to support you in your own home. This service enables you by either preventing unnecessary admission to hospital, or by helping you return home sooner with extra support.

What the service offers

  • Close patient monitoring, with short-term intervention in a serious episode of ill health.
  • Urgent clinical assessment for very unwell patients.
  • Initial treatment and on-going monitoring of a patient.
  • Care 365 days of the year, 8am to 11pm, with access to overnight help.
  • Two-hour response time for urgent medical assessment.
  • Provide patients with daily visits, up to four times a day when necessary.
  • Home visits by a consultant or an @home GP when required.
  • End of life (EOL) care with overnight support.
  • Intensive physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy support, such as the health exercise programme (HEP) to help patients be as mobile as possible.





Tel: 020 3049 8620