Your appointment with the health inclusion team

Helping homeless people, refugees, asylum seekers or those with addictions 

Our clinics are all drop-in, so you do not have to make an appointment. They are held at day centres, drug and alcohol services or hostels across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

You will be seen by a nurse or specialist worker, depending on your needs.

If you are living in a hostel where we provide a clinic, please drop in to see the nurse or specialist worker, or inform your key worker that you want to see them.


Please expand the tabs below to show the full list of clinics we hold.

  • Blood borne virus clinics 

    Lambeth clinics
    Clinic Day Contact

    Lorraine Hewitt House
    12-14 Brighton Terrace
    SW9 8DG

    Monday, 9.30am-4.30pm

    Tuesday-Thursday, 9.30am-1pm

    Manager: Mick Collins
    Tel: 020 3228 1500 

    Smart (AddAction)
    9B Mitcham Lane
    Streatham SW16 6LG

    Fridays, 9.30am-12.30pm 

    Manager: Tai Duong
    Tel: 020 8677 9541

    Southwark clinics
    Clinic Day Contact 

    Foundation 66
    68 Newington Causeway
    SE1 6DF

    Thursdays, 9.30am-12.30pm 

    Manager: Dione Denny
    Tel: 020 7403 4077   

    Blackfriars Community Drug and Alcohol Project

    151 Blackfriars Road SE1 8EL

    Mondays, 9.30am-1pm

    Wednesdays, 10am-1pm

    Thursdays, 10am-5pm

    Manager: Megan Northcott
    Tel: 020 3228 9400

    Evolve Community Drug and Alcohol Project  

    146 Camberwell Road
    SE5 0EE  

    Friday fortnightly, 1.30pm-4.30pm 

    Manager: Maggie Boreham
    Tel: 020 7277 4580

    Kappa Community Drug and Alcohol Project

    231 Old Kent Road
    SE1 5LU

    Tuesday fortnightly, 9.30am-12.30pm

    Manager: Nick Wilson
    Tel:020 7237 7000
  • Homeless services

    Lambeth clinics
    ClinicDay Contact 

    Camberwell Foyer
    90 Denmark Hill
    SE5 8RX

    Mondays, 3pm-6pm


    Manager: Emma West
    Tel: 020 7501 9661

    Graham House Hostel
    62 Bondway
    SW8 1SJ

    Mondays, 2pm-4.30pm 

    Thursdays, 9.30am-1pm


    GP session only, 10am-12 noon 

    Manager: Chris Deacon
    Tel: 020 7840 9820


    Palace Road
    38 Palace Road
    SW2 3NJ

    Fridays, 11am-2pm

    Manager: Caroline Graham
    Tel: 020 8678 5660

    Spires Day Centre
    St Leonard’s Hall
    8 Tooting Bec Gardens Streatham
    SW16 1RB

    Tuesdays, 9.30am–1pm 

    Manager: Lucy Barret
    Tel: 020 8696 0943


    Waterloo Project
    73-75 Stamford Street
    SE1 9RB

    Tuesdays, 9.30am–1pm

    Manager: Laura Beeby
    Tel: 020 7928 2497


    Waterloo Christian Centre
    Webber Street Waterloo
    SE1 8QA

    Tuesdays, 9.30am-1pm

    Thursdays, 9.30am–12.30pm 

    Manager: David Clover
    Tel: 020 7928 1677


    Ace of Clubs (Day Centre)
    St Alphonsus Road
    SW4 7AS

    Thursdays, 12 noon-3pm 

    Manager: David Logan
    Tel: 020 7720 2811


    Lambeth Assessment Centre
    11 Bondway
    SW8 1SJ 


    Mondays, 9.30am-1.30pm

    Fridays, 9.30am–1.30pm


    GP session only, 9.30am-11.30am 

    Manager: Channa Macdonald
    Tel: 020 7587 5148


    David Barker House
    115a Blackfriars
    SE1 8NZ

    Fridays, 1pm–4.30pm 

    Manager: Anna Peters
    Tel: 020 7922 0290


    Keyworth Street (hostel)
    10 Keyworth Street
    London SE1 6NG

    Thursdays, 1.30pm-4.30pm

    Manager: David Helsby

    Tel: 020 7401 8950

    Robertson Street Project
    1a Daley Thompson Way
    London SW8 3DA

    Mondays 1pm-4.30pm

    Fridays, 11am-2pm

    Manager: Sophie Konradson

    Tel: 0207 720 9505
    Southwark clinics
    Clinic Day Contact 

    Joe Richards House
    100 Queens Road
    London SE15 2QT

    Fridays, 9.30am–1.30pm 

    Tel: 020 7639 8008


    Gateway Foyer
    32 Borough Road
    Southwark SE1 0AJ


    Tuesdays, 3pm-6pm


    Manager: Mike Bansback
    Tel: 020 7928 1822


    Manna Day Centre
    6 Melior Street
    London Bridge
    SE1 3QP


    Tuesdays and Fridays, 9.30am–1pm

    Caseworker session

    Thursdays, 9.30am–1pm 

    Manager: Bandi Mbubi
    Tel: 020 7403 1931


    Missionaries of Charities Hostel
    116 St Georges’ Road
    Lambeth North
    SE1 6EU

    Wednesdays, 9am–11.30am

    Mondays, 9am–11am


    Manager: Sister Myriam
    Tel: 020 7620 1504


    Great Guildford Street
    96 Great Guildford Street
    London SE1 0ES

    Mondays, 9.30am-1.30pm

    Thursdays 9.30am-1.30pm

    Tel: 020 3750 1113

    Manor Place (hostel)
    140 Manor Place
    London SE17 3BH
    Wednesdays, 10am-12.30pm Tel:020 7703 6898
    Lewisham clinics
    Clinic Day Contact 

    Deptford Centre Speedwell Street
    Deptford SE8 4AT

    Wednesdays, 9.30am–1pm 

    Manager: Wycliffe Ssali
    Tel: 020 8318 6548


    Spring Garden Hostel
    1 Arlington Close Hither Green
    SE13 6JQ 

    Tuesdays, 1pm–4.30pm

    Fridays, 9.30am–1pm 

    Manager: Vicky Tunnicliff
    Tel: 020 8297 5930


    Pagnell Street, Exeter Way
    New Cross 
    SE14 6LL

    Tuesday and Thursday, 9.30am–1pm 

    Manager: Nick Wing
    Tel: 020 8692 3454


    999 Club
    21 Deptford Broadway
    SE8 4PA


    Mondays, 1pm–4.30pm

    Thursdays, 9.30am–2pm

    Manager: Iris French/Martin Arundel
    Tel: 020 8691 7734


    Marsha Phoenix (women)
    90-92 Tressilian Road
    Brockley SE4 1YD

    First Wednesday of every month, 5pm-7pm

    Tel: 020 8691 5911

  • Refugee health services

    Lambeth clinics
    Clinics Day Contact 

    Gracefield Gardens 

    Health access – open access
    Ad hoc session but appointments can be arranged by caseworkers

    Well-being and self care session (appointment only):

    Mondays, 12 noon-5pm
    Wednesdays, 10am-1pm
    Third Friday of the month, 12 noon-5pm 

    Manager: Fenella Jolly
    Tel: 020 3049 4700


    Muslim Women’s Project
    114 – 118 Ceders Road
    Clapham Common
    SW4 0QA


    Bi-monthly, Wednesdays, 9.30am-12.30pm 

    Tel: 020 7720 7377

    Pavillion Practice
    9 Borough Terrace
    SW9 8DJ


    Tuesdays, 9.30am-2pm
    Fridays, 9.30am-4pm

    Tuesdays, 9.30am-4pm
    Fridays, 9.30am-4pm

    Manager: Judith Eling
    Tel: 020 7274 9252


    Stockwell Women Achievement Network (SWAN)
    13-15 Stockwell Road
    SW9 9AU

    Wellbeing and self care session

    Last Tuesday of every month, 10am-4pm 

    Coordinator: Yegilez Zewdu
    Tel: 020 7820 9888
    Mob: 07904 261 177

    Streatham Drop-in Centre For Refugees
    Wellfield Centre
    16 Wellfield Road
    SW16 2B

    Alternative Thursdays, 10am-1pm

    Alternative Fridays, 10am-2pm

    Manager: Brian McCarthy
    Tel: 020 8664 7432

    Southwark clinics
    Clinics Day Contact 

    Barry House
    261 Barry Road, Dulwich
    SE22 0JT


    Nurse clinic

    Mondays and Fridays, 9.30am-4.30pm

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9.30am-1.30pm

    Manager: Martin Cambridge
    Tel: 020 8299 5097 / 020 8299 4622


    Copleston Centre
    Copleston Road Peckham
    SE15 4AN

    Tuesday (fortnightly), 2pm-5pm 

    Manager: Pauline Nandoo
    Tel: 020 7732 3435

    Crossways Centre (Southwark day centre for asylum seekers)
    100 New Kent Road
    SE1 6TU


    Health access

    Thursdays, 2pm-5pm

    Fortnightly nurse clinic/health improvement specialist

    Thursdays (fortnightly), 2pm-5pm 

    Manager: Pauline Nandoo
    Tel: 020 7346 6700
    Tel: 020  7703 7803


    Latin American Disable People’s Project.

    42 Braganza Street Kennington
    SE17 3RJ


    Nurse clinic 

    Third Friday of the month, 9.45am-1pm

    Manager: John Marulanda
    Tel: 020 7793 8399

    Peckham Park Road
    Baptish Church
    121 Peckham Park Road
    SE15 6SX


    Alternative Wednesdays, 11am-1.30pm 

    Tel: 020 7732 0505


Changing or cancelling your appointment

If you are given a follow-up appointment and cannot attend, please call us on 020 3049 4700/4550/4555.

Before your appointment

You don't have to bring anything with you to your appointment, however if you have any letters relating to your care or any medication you are taking, it would be useful to bring these with you.

What to expect at your appointment

Your first appointment can take up to an hour. You will be seen by a nurse or specialist worker who will ask you some questions about your general health, and how you would like to be contacted, for example by text, telephone, letter or follow-up appointment.

Depending on your health needs, we may need to carry out further tests. We will help you to register with a GP and will discuss and agree your care plan with you. 

Sometimes we may have student nurses present at your consultation but we will ask for your consent for them to be present. If you would like to have someone with you during your consultation, please tell a member of the team. You can bring a friend or relative.


We work closely with other healthcare agencies and some voluntary organisations and share information if it is in the best interests of the patient. If you do not want your information to be discussed with other agencies, please make this clear to the nurse caring for you and your wishes will be respected.

We will only pass on confidential information without your permission if we need to protect you or someone else from very serious harm. We will always discuss this with you first.

If you want to know more about confidentiality, please ask one of the clinic staff.

After your appointment

If you have had tests, you will need to return the following week to get the results. Alternatively, you can drop in at the clinic where you have been seen and ask to speak to the nurse.

You can also contact the nurse directly via the main office on 020 3049 4700/4550/4555

Useful links

Download our resource pack (PDF 6Mb) to help GPs and other primary care health professionals in their work with refugees and asylum seekers.

Access to homeless organisations:

Access to refugee organisations: