Multiple sclerosis community nursing service

Helping you to manage your long-term condition 

We aim to enable people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) to live with this long-term neurological condition from the time of diagnosis, through symptom management and monitoring of treatments.

Our service is led by specialist nurses and practitioners and provides:

  • support and information to people with MS, including emotional support for relatives and carers

  • nursing assessment and follow-up throughout all stages of this long-term condition

  • a responsive telephone service to people with MS
  • prompt attention to any changes in your condition if you relapse

  • monitoring of new treatments

  • appointments in a variety of outpatient clinics

  • information and education to people with MS and their carers, and to professionals in health and social services and the voluntary sector

  • expert advice in complex cases

  • co-ordinated care with other health professionals to ensure best practice and symptom management

  • communication with the voluntary sector and professional bodies. 



Tel: 020 3049 7961