Lambeth Enhanced Rapid Response Team

Helping you to remain at home or prevent avoidable hospital admission

We provide short-term support and rehabilitation in your home. This may have been after an event in your life, a fall or short-term illness, making it more difficult for you to cope at home.  

We can quickly visit and provide care and support to help you remain at home and prevent you from needing to go into hospital. 

We can help you to regain your confidence and ability to carry out daily tasks such as:

  • getting on and off a chair or bed
  • walking indoors and outdoors
  • washing, dressing and preparing meals
  • managing your medications.

We can also help you to manage any chronic health conditions and may provide you with special equipment to make performing daily tasks easier and safer. Where relevant, we will help you access other community services.

Our teams consist of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation support workers, pharmacy staff, social workers and a geriatrician (consultant specialising in the care of elderly people).

Read more information about your home visit and how to refer to the Lambeth Enhanced Rapid Response service. Please note that referrals can only be made by a health or social care professional.



Tel: 020 3049 5391