Miscellaneous diagnostic tests in the haemostasis laboratories




  • Anti-Xa for LMWH monitoring
  • alpha 2 antiplasmin activity
  • TAT
  • Prothrombin fragment 1:2
  • Factor XIII
  • Fibrinogen Ag
  • TAFI antigen



All results are available within two weeks although anti-Xa estimations can be performed urgently.

External users may contact the laboratory for information related to result progress.



Requests for these assays and urgent anti-Xa levels must be discussed with a consultant of the Centre for Haemostasis and Thrombosis.


Sample requirements

Citrate (blue top tube)

Anti-Xa samples must be taken to the laboratory on ice, please contact laboratory for details of phlebotomy and delivery. Each test requires one 4.5ml citrated sample.


FXIII requests also require a special Lithium Heparin tube from Clinical Biochemistry for an ammonia level to be performed.


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.15pm

Dr Gary Moore - principal biomedical scientist. Tel: 020 7188 2797 Email: gary.moore@gstt.nhs.uk

Tina Whitham - head biomedical scientist. Tel: 020 7188 2797 Email: tina.whitham@gstt.nhs.uk

David Gurney - laboratory platelet specialist. Tel: 020 7188 2797
Email: david.gurney@gstt.nhs.uk