Integrated heart failure service (community) clinics

Providing heart failure care in Southwark and Lambeth

Clinic locations

You will be seen by the heart failure nurse specialists either in a community clinic or at home if you are unable to come to a clinic. Community clinics are held across Lambeth and Southwark to provide care close to your home. 

Community clinics

You need an appointment before attending a clinic. Your GP or hospital doctor can refer you to one of our clinics.

  • Cancelling or changing your appointment

    If you need to cancel or change your appointment with your heart failure nurse, please call our community team coordinator, Yvonne Blondell, on 020 3049 4652.

    Alternatively you can contact any member of the team.

  • Before your appointment 

    Please bring with you: 

    • any medications you are taking 
    • any recent information you may have been given by your doctors or health care professionals.
  • What to expect at your appointment

    Your first appointment will usually last an hour. Follow-up appointments usually last 30 minutes.

    At your appointment, you can expect to have the following:

    • clinical examination and/or assessment
    • a review of the medicines you are currently taking, including discussions about starting new medicines, or changing the doses of your existing medicines
    • advice and support regarding your lifestyle.

    As this is a teaching hospital, students supervised by qualified staff might be involved in your care. It is valuable training for students and does not affect the quality of your treatment in any way, but please tell us if you do not want them to be present or involved. We will always respect your wishes.

  • After your appointment

    A letter will be sent to you and your GP. It will include a heart failure management plan and details of any follow-up appointments you may need to attend.

    If you have any concerns, please contact any member of the heart failure team or your GP.

  • Research studies and service improvement

    We may ask you if you would like to take part in research or surveys to help us improve the service. This is entirely your choice and will not affect your care if you choose not to take part.