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Community rehabilitation and falls

Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for people over 16

About us

We provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for adults living in the community who have experienced falls, fractures, and a variety of conditions such as arthritis and joint replacements which have led to a change in function. We specialise in falls prevention and offer a variety of strength and balance exercise programmes across Lambeth and Southwark to address this.

Our job is to help people who have an illness, injury or disability affecting their:

  • personal care tasks, like washing and dressing
  • domestic tasks such as cooking, housework, shopping
  • transfers, for example getting on/off bed, chair or toilet
  • walking and mobility, for example use of walking aids, strength and balance training
  • leisure, education or work.

Our service

Our service consists of:

  • A team based at the Pulross Centre in Lambeth. They provide occupational therapy and physiotherapy to an intermediate care ward and housebound clients.
  • An team based at Dulwich Community Hospital in Southwark. They provide physiotherapy to housebound clients.
  • At team based at the Whittington Centre in Lambeth. They provide occupational therapy and physiotherapy to housebound clients.
  • A multi-disciplinary falls clinic based at the Whittington Centre. 
  • Strength and balance classes for falls prevention at the Whittington Centre and at a variety of community venues in Lambeth and Southwark.

We also offer advice, support, health promotion and education to both patients and their care-givers. We work closely with social services and the voluntary sector.


We are proud of our falls service, Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care Pathway for Older People with Falls (SLIPS). Working in partnership with King's College Hospital and Southwark and Lambeth Councils, we provide evidence based rehabilitation and preventative strategies for those who have fallen or are at risk of falling.

Strength and balance classes for falls prevention

We run over 25 exercise classes in local community venues across Lambeth and Southwark to prevent falls.

Please watch our advert to find out more or call our strength and balance helpline on 020 3049 5424 if you're interested in coming to a class.

  • Strength and balance classes in Lambeth and Southwark – video transcript

    Voiceover: Free one hour strength and balance classes available now across Lambeth and Southwark.

    Patient: I'm very aware, getting older, that my muscles are not as strong.

    Voiceover: For residents who've had a fall or who are worried about falling.

    Patient: But I do want to try and keep my mobility as long as possible.

    Voiceover: Helps with daily activities, housework, shopping or gardening.

    Patient: I'm balancing better.

    Patient: I notice I go up the stairs two at a time.

    Voiceover: Research shows our proven exercises help you feel more steady when walking.

    Patient: They're sort of gentle and you can understand them and if you do them regularly it really does help.

    Patient: Yes I'm enjoying it.

    Voiceover: Attend our friendly classes and get to know other people living in your area.

    Patient: They all want to improve their mobility and so we're all here for the same purpose.

    Patient: I enjoy coming to the exercise class.

    Voiceover: Improves your strength balance and confidence

    Patient: I'm really, really in favour of them.

    Patient: I really feel the balance is, you know, I think I'm improving.

    Voiceover: Improve your health and wellbeing.

    Patient: It's been brilliant, really good.

    Voiceover: Join over 1000 people who are already benefiting, call our helpline on 020 3049 5424.




Lambeth community rehab and falls service
Tel: 020 3049 4558
Email: gst-tr.Lambeth

Southwark community rehab and falls service
Tel: 020 3049 8960
Email: gst-tr.southwark

Strength and balance helpline (Lambeth and Southwark) 
Tel: 020 3049 5424 
Email: gst-tr.strength